Take time to visit a great new nonprofit working to:
(1)improve systemic access to individualized mental health care for low-income young people with serious unmet mental health needs;  and 
(2) reform mental health systems so they are responsive and accountable to the young people and families they are intended to serve.

Started in fall 2012 by Patrick Gardner, Young Minds Advocacy Project (YMAP) uses policy analysis and program evaluations, legal strategies, and public education and informing to transform the mental health system into a more responsive, more effective, and more humane one for young people. A critical aspect of the organization's plan to deliver on this challenge involves identifying, informing and building a coalition of people (like you) who may be interested in working together to reform mental health systems for young people. 

You can connect with YMAP on their website, Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to updates about critical mental health issues affecting children. 



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